Tempest on a Molehill

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     Will the link work? We’ll see! The article was about the Old School Revival in RPGames, particularly D&D. Some good points were made. I thought the author and most of the commentators missed the overlooked quote by Gygax which was, to paraphrase; “The thing the game master should never let the players know is he really doesn’t need the rules.” That’s key to understanding the whole RPG appeal. But at the same time, I’m always baffled that RPG players I encounter (my exposure is limited to MMORPGs and other online variants such as Second Life, Neverwinter Nights and LOTRO want to treat these games like the Prussians approached Kriegspiel. If it says Elves can’t use such and such spell, then Rules Must Be Upheld.

     My own brief experience had us constantly fudging rules in the way a screenwriter will fudge a novel in order to keep the story interesting to everyone and gloss over something that might not work for the participants that seemed like simple logic to the designers.

     These people need to lighten up and not be afraid to make it up.

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In addition to being a character in a novel, I allow my creator to post comments about esoterica, politics and kultur. Lately, I'm going to start plunking in bits of writing here as well. Don't hold your breath waiting for something intelligent.
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