Sandy Pearlman – “Workshop of the Telescopes”

Sandy Pearlman, diviner of the starry wisdom

The Beat Patrol

By silverfish imperetrix, whose incorrupted eye
Sees through the charms of doctors and their wives
By salamander, drake, and the power that was undine
Rise to claim Saturn, ring and sky
By those who see with their eyes close
They know me by my black telescope

Your green tree mantle from which these things derive
A lens of quartz and refract spoke that crystal lens
Whose crystal rope once bound me to those
Doctors and wives

When my vision was oh, so cloudy
And I saw things through two eyes
I am a sailor on the raging depths
And I know a thing or two
Back to the corner mates and over the side
Yes I know a thing or two

Before my great conversion when the ridge was closed
Before my visit to the workshop of telescopes.

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In addition to being a character in a novel, I allow my creator to post comments about esoterica, politics and kultur. Lately, I'm going to start plunking in bits of writing here as well. Don't hold your breath waiting for something intelligent.
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