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Hillary’s announcement

Originally posted on LBO News from Doug Henwood:
Good lord, Hillary’s announcement video is appallingly banal. As someone said on my Facebook page, it’s like an old United Colors of Benetton ad. For perspective, here’s Carl Bernstein’s description of Bill’s first inauguration:…

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Why all American should beware of the police

Were doomed Fabius Maximus website Many posts discussed police violence against the underclass and mentally ill. But in New America all Americans (except the rich) should be wary of the police. This post from the archives (updated and expanded) explains … Continue reading

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black iron prison, velvet cage.

Originally posted on no peanuts in church:
How does one destroy a Republic? You destroy the very notion of res publica. You convince the people that there is… no People. No civic space. No public forum. Every square inch of…

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