Review of Skyfall: an old Bond for a tired franchise

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Summary:  Today Locke Peterseim reviews Skyfall. It’s one of his best reviews. “There’s no energy to the entire endeavor that doesn’t feel borrowed, and while the movie keeps moving, it doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere.” But his review is really about the difficult process of reinventing myths for a new generation. Star Trek, Batman, James Bond — each has to make this jump, and we can see how America has changed by how this complex cultural constructs adapts to us. The Bond franchise has become exhausted. How will it change? We’ll see in the next few films.

Skyfall poster

“It’s Not You, Mr. Bond, It’s Me”

By Locke Peterseim.
From the film blog of Open Letters Monthly.
12 November 2012. Reposted with his generous permission.

Skyfall is a good movie. It’s a good action movie. It’s a good Bond movie. Fans of action movies and Bond movies will love it. It’s…

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