Libertarian Ideologues Admit Socialism is Natural

Why we keep hearing that the ‘government’ is ‘socialism’= slavery.

the ruling class observer

Libertarian radio show host Tom Woods posed a question (32:24), why does socialism have such enduring appeal, despite its supposed failures? His guest, economist Dr. Kristian Niemietz responded,

Niemietz: Well there’s a lot to be said for the theory that socialism is hardwired into us. That our economic intuitions are all fairly socialist. We often extrapolate from the kind of economy that our ancestors — our hunter gather ancestors — were living in, where economic activity is collective activity. You have the group deliberately, consciously collaborating, doing something together, and then sharing the spoils and that is a political act. And the kind of modern economy that we have today, a much more complex economy, guided by anonymous mechanisms is just counter intuitive. There is something in us that militates against that. That would also be the reason why almost no free marketeers, at least I don’t…

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