The Hermetic Process: Solve et Coagula

The Chrysalis

There is new interest, especially among quantum physicists, in some aspects of the Hermetic Philosophy. Perhaps that is not entirely novel since we now know that even the great Newton studied Hermeticism and practiced alchemy in secret. But the fact that he felt he had to study it “in secret” says something about the attitude of his times, and living this divided life may well have contributed to Newton’s noted irrascibility.

It has also been noted that while Einstein publicly denounced Henri Bergson’s views on time as erroneous, in private he confessed that he actually agreed with Bergson. This peculiar dividedness was recently explored by science historian Jimena Canales in The Physicist and the Philosopher: Einstein, Bergson, and the Debate that Changed Our Understanding of Time (a video of her work is also available on YouTube).

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