Fascism was a creation of the Left

I was afraid we’d lost Billy for good here in the Intertubes.

Stormhaven Media

Authors Note; Please follow the links and do your own research from primary sources. Believing random dudes on the Internet has us on the brink of the Fourth Reich

I was taught, like everyone else reading this, that the political spectrum looks essentially like this

Two things always puzzled me. Why did the reality of Fascism and Communism look so incredibly similar in every detail. And how was it that Conservatives who believe in, smaller government, less regulation, most services to be provided by the private sector, Individualism and the imperfect-ability of state systems, create the monolith to centralized authority that is Fascism. Given that the proceeding step is Libertarianism whose beliefs are akin to Anarchism how does a philosophy that espouses individual freedom from any regulation become the literal template for the ideological regulation of all aspects of life.

It is in fact one of the darkest lies ever…

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