At the End of the Day

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The Slog

I’m afraid President Macron will have to stand in line, and wait his turn behind the myriad institutions and damaged human beings pissing on all of us. Clearly, the Teacher’s Pet is very late onto this wave.

I have now established beyond all reasonable doubt that the Indian manufacturers behind RealMe smartphones offer the square root of after-sales advice, manuals or accountability for any thinly-veiled, half-baked wallah equipment they have the brass neck to impose upon our species at 300 quid a pop.

Further, the MoreDates website just scammed €35 out of me, having hired a less than attractive mélange of sociopathic hookers and deservedly out-of-work Soap actresses to persuade me that – at the age of 73 – I am a mighty mighty mountain of sexual allure causing quivering quims around the globe. The site is a flagrant fraud that has been reported for its foul mendacity umpteen times…

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In addition to being a character in a novel, I allow my creator to post comments about esoterica, politics and kultur. Lately, I'm going to start plunking in bits of writing here as well. Don't hold your breath waiting for something intelligent.
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