Do Americans Live In A False Reality Created By Orchestrated Events?

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A Skeleton Key of Unknown Strength

Dan Kaminsky's Blog

TL;DR:  The glibc DNS bug (CVE-2015-7547) is unusually bad.  Even Shellshock and Heartbleed tended to affect things we knew were on the network and knew we had to defend.  This affects a universally used library (glibc) at a universally used protocol (DNS).  Generic tools that we didn’t even know had network surface (sudo) are thus exposed, as is software written in programming languages designed explicitly to be safe. Who can exploit this vulnerability? We know unambiguously that an attacker directly on our networks can take over many systems running Linux.  What we are unsure of is whether an attacker anywhere on the Internet is similarly empowered, given only the trivial capacity to cause our systems to look up addresses inside their malicious domains.

We’ve investigated the DNS lookup path, which requires the glibc exploit to survive traversing one of the millions of DNS caches dotted across the Internet. …

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Dances with wargs

Cosmetic Lotro

Dances with wolvesgentle approach

December has started which to me is the beginning of the Winter season and lots of wintery outfits! I am really looking forward to this month which is always special as we approach Yule tide. One of the things to look forward to is the Yule Festival that will start at the end of December. This festival is now available for testing on Bullroarer. The way it is going to be set up this year worries me greatly. There will be some very large “end” rewards like War-steed cosmetics and a special Yule portrait for your character, however these bigger rewards, including the regular festival horse, will be gated behind new deeds. The top tier of these deeds will require 200 daily quests completed. The fact that these quests are dailies, means that if you miss a few days, or  even a whole week, (because you spend time with…

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Andrew Korybko: The Color Revolution Model – An Exposé of the Core Mechanics

Стање ствари

[Note:  The Color Revolution and Arab Spring phenomenon is one which receives particular attention at CSS, because it is one of the primary tactics used in geopolitics and geostrategy which also relies on a syncretic or interdisciplinary model.  It involves mass psychology, marketing and advertising, sociology, ideology, and a range of other fields. This piece should be understood as a schematic with explanatory annotations and dissection of particular mechanisms.  We strongly recommend this to be read alongside several previous pieces which explore the history, figures involved in developing the theory, and real-world application in the following pieces featured here at CSS –

  1. Gene Sharp: From Berlin Wall to Arab Spring or The Politics of Counter-Revolution
  2. Gene Sharp: A Chief Tactician of the US Post-Cold War Period  –  J.V Capone, editor]


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Peter Levenda on Cthulhu, Kenneth Grant, and the ‘sinister forces’ in American history

Source: Peter Levenda on Cthulhu, Kenneth Grant, and the ‘sinister forces’ in American history

Source: Peter Levenda on Cthulhu, Kenneth Grant, and the ‘sinister forces’ in American history

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Peter Levenda on Cthulhu, Kenneth Grant, and the ‘sinister forces’ in American history

Source: Peter Levenda on Cthulhu, Kenneth Grant, and the ‘sinister forces’ in American history

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A Mini-Dictionary of Neoliberalism?

unsettling economics

Richard Parker coined the word “neglectorate” to describe the public’s alienation from the current dysfunctional political system.  Now that economists have, for the most part relegated John Maynard Keynes to the dustbin of history, the term Dickenysian seems to be appropriate for the present conditions, which are becoming increasingly similar to Charles Dickens’ portrayal of the world he lived in.  The power of the bond market in imposing its will on supposedly independent states, suggests that bondage may be appropriate for expressing the power of capital.  Finally, we could describe the current economic system as Crapitalism, which treats ordinary people as crap.

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Mark Kennedy: the spycop who disappeared into the cold

The whole population of the world is now The Enemy


One of the many Spycops being investigated by the Pitchford Inquiry is Mark Kennedy, whose undercover exploits not only covered England & Wales (the geographic area restricted to the Inquiry) but Scotland and parts of Europe. Below we include, for the Inquiry’s benefit, an internal German Government report on Kennedy, as well as via a number of sources his extensive ‘CV’. There is now compelling evidence that the Inquiry should examine the activities of British undercover police outside of England & Wales (Kennedy was not the only spycop who worked across Europe – see below) .

“If Kennedy’s toll is taken as an average, the officers of the Special Demonstration Squad and National Public Order Intelligence Unit have caused around 8,000 miscarriages of justice. Even if we are conservative and presume there was just one per officer per year, the total is around 600. This may well be the biggest…

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Neocons 2.0: The problem with Peter Pomerantsev


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Call for “rupture now” by the Political Secretariat & Central Committee of Syriza

The Greek Analyst


Prominent members of the Central Committee and the Political Secretariat of Syriza are preparing an event for tomorrow, Tuesday 19 of May. Speakers and participants in the event include: Antonis Davellos (SYRIZA Political Secretariat), John Millios (SYRIZA Central Committee), Sofi Papadogianni (SYRIZA Political Secretariat), Panos Lambrou (SYRIZA Political Secretariat), George Sapounas (SYRIZA Central Committee).

Quoting from the event description, as well as the title of the invitation-pamphlet, the message of the event seems quite clear: “the only way out [of the impasse] is the choice of rupture with the lenders.”  

Read the announcement for the event below.

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