A rocky road lies ahead to a far smaller world population.

Fabius Maximus website

Summary: We’re on our way to a far better world, one with a much smaller population. The world’s population will increase during the next 4 decades, and then begin a long steep drop. East Asia leads the way with its collapsing levels of fertility (Japan’s population has already rolled over), and the rest of the world follows. The road will be rocky unless we prepare for it. Here’s an introduction to the issue. You’ll be reading much more about this in the future.

UN Fertility Graph

The collapse in fertility rates is another one of these unexpected phenomena shaping our world that have been described on this website. How unexpected? To understand these things we should always look first at East Asia, where fertility has collapsed the most (or perhaps, fertility has been the first to collapse). Look at Japan. Over a quarter-century every forecast proved too optimistic. It might have found a…

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