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In addition to being a character in a novel, I allow my creator to post comments about esoterica, politics and kultur. Lately, I'm going to start plunking in bits of writing here as well. Don't hold your breath waiting for something intelligent.

Fascism was a creation of the Left

Originally posted on Stormhaven Media:
Authors Note; Please follow the links and do your own research from primary sources. Believing random dudes on the Internet has us on the brink of the Fourth Reich I was taught, like everyone else…

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The Hermetic Process: Solve et Coagula

Originally posted on The Chrysalis:
There is new interest, especially among quantum physicists, in some aspects of the Hermetic Philosophy. Perhaps that is not entirely novel since we now know that even the great Newton studied Hermeticism and practiced alchemy…

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W Burnside Street, 1967

W Burnside Street looking towards SW 9th Avenue, 1967. City of Portland (OR) Archives, W Burnside and 9th Ave looking east, A2012-005, 1967. View … W Burnside Street, 1967

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Leontief’s devastating critique of econom(etr)ics — Real-World Economics Review Blog

from Lars Syll Much of current academic teaching and research has been criticized for its lack of relevance, that is, of immediate practical impact … I submit that the consistently indifferent performance in practical applications is in fact a symptom … Continue reading

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The Ancient and Glorious…or Vile and Perfidious Realm of Tartaria

Anyone who has paid any attention to the realm of the wyrd since the 70s anyway has heard of Atlantis, Mu, the Flat Earth, The Hollow Earth, the Middle Earth…Ancient Aliens, Space aliens, Magonian Neighbors. The Sonora Aero Club, Kaspar … Continue reading

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The War on White Supremacist Terror

Originally posted on Consent Factory, Inc.:
If you enjoyed the global corporatocracy’s original War on Islamicist Terror, you’re going to love their latest spinoff, The War on White Supremacist Terror. It’s basically just like the old War on Terror, except…

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NE 15th Avenue, 1985 — Vintage Portland

NE 15th Avenue looking northeast from NE Fremont Street, 1985. This is the same intersection in 1963, in a previous post. View this image in Efiles by clicking here. via NE 15th Avenue, 1985 — Vintage Portland

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Tune in, Turn in, Something something..

It is not often one finds actual correspondence in Twitter’s confines. An app that seems to have been designed specifically by US intelligence-adjacent tech corporations to enable Iranian youth to organize flash-mob protests against a stodgy and sclerotic Iranian government … Continue reading

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I guess this is the part where I plunge in and make or break.

Go big or go home, they say. For two centuries, being able to shoot you mouth off about terrible conditions for oneself or others has been the steam valve that prevents an excess of public rage that might threaten ‘stability’. … Continue reading

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Libertarian Ideologues Admit Socialism is Natural

Originally posted on the ruling class observer:
Libertarian radio show host Tom Woods posed a question (32:24), why does socialism have such enduring appeal, despite its supposed failures? His guest, economist Dr. Kristian Niemietz responded, Niemietz: Well there’s a lot…

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