Fascism was a creation of the Left

I was afraid we’d lost Billy for good here in the Intertubes.

Stormhaven Media

Authors Note; Please follow the links and do your own research from primary sources. Believing random dudes on the Internet has us on the brink of the Fourth Reich

I was taught, like everyone else reading this, that the political spectrum looks essentially like this

Two things always puzzled me. Why did the reality of Fascism and Communism look so incredibly similar in every detail. And how was it that Conservatives who believe in, smaller government, less regulation, most services to be provided by the private sector, Individualism and the imperfect-ability of state systems, create the monolith to centralized authority that is Fascism. Given that the proceeding step is Libertarianism whose beliefs are akin to Anarchism how does a philosophy that espouses individual freedom from any regulation become the literal template for the ideological regulation of all aspects of life.

It is in fact one of the darkest lies ever…

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The Hermetic Process: Solve et Coagula

The Chrysalis

There is new interest, especially among quantum physicists, in some aspects of the Hermetic Philosophy. Perhaps that is not entirely novel since we now know that even the great Newton studied Hermeticism and practiced alchemy in secret. But the fact that he felt he had to study it “in secret” says something about the attitude of his times, and living this divided life may well have contributed to Newton’s noted irrascibility.

It has also been noted that while Einstein publicly denounced Henri Bergson’s views on time as erroneous, in private he confessed that he actually agreed with Bergson. This peculiar dividedness was recently explored by science historian Jimena Canales in The Physicist and the Philosopher: Einstein, Bergson, and the Debate that Changed Our Understanding of Time (a video of her work is also available on YouTube).

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W Burnside Street, 1967

W Burnside Street looking towards SW 9th Avenue, 1967. City of Portland (OR) Archives, W Burnside and 9th Ave looking east, A2012-005, 1967. View …

W Burnside Street, 1967
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Leontief’s devastating critique of econom(etr)ics — Real-World Economics Review Blog

from Lars Syll Much of current academic teaching and research has been criticized for its lack of relevance, that is, of immediate practical impact … I submit that the consistently indifferent performance in practical applications is in fact a symptom of a fundamental imbalance in the present state of our discipline. The weak and all […]

Leontief’s devastating critique of econom(etr)ics — Real-World Economics Review Blog
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The Ancient and Glorious…or Vile and Perfidious Realm of Tartaria

Anyone who has paid any attention to the realm of the wyrd since the 70s anyway has heard of Atlantis, Mu, the Flat Earth, The Hollow Earth, the Middle Earth…Ancient Aliens, Space aliens, Magonian Neighbors. The Sonora Aero Club, Kaspar Hauser, HP Lovecraft’s story “The Mound”. Those strange green children who came up from underground in Suffolk but were obviously not English and barely seemed human at all. We contemplate ice age meltdowns, Vimana fighter ships razing unknown nations with Tesla style exotic weapons utilizing ‘magnetic/electric universe’ ideas to blast civilizations to literal dust.

So how does one work most of these themes together? Imagine if you will a steampunk paradise where peaceful and ascendant people travel in zeppelins powered by free energy transmitted by pylons installed on the pinnacle of majestic domed buildings encrusted with ornate ornamentation. Harnessing earth energies through massive canal systems which conduct the vorticular hydro energy made famous by German autodidactic forester-savant Victor Schauberger.

Sounds pretty righteous, doesn’t it? Well, you may ask. What happened to this paradisical realm?

It all got lost in a cataclysm of mud.

Yep. That’s right. Mud.

An entire global civilization lost in mud? Cognitive dissonance kicks in.

Lost civilization stories are common as fleas on a feral cat, but most of them involve sunken continents or empires lost to the desert, such as Dilmun or Harappa or Antarctica. Or subsumed by arboreal reclamation such as the Maya or Great Zimbabwe.

But the tale of Tartaria is set amidst the stately buildings of Europe, North America and Asia. Mosques, Cathedrals and Office towers are its visible remains, spared by chance or design from the destruction that overtook its peoples.

Tartaria is Edgar Cayce’s Atlantis meets Dark City. A number of tropes of modern conspiracy culture and alternative history are woven freely into the stew and belief in Tartaria often co-incides with flat earth cosmology. Though flat earth is not a pre-requisite. If round earth is your bag, you might consider mixing your Tartaria with a dash of Hollow Earth.

To fully believe in any variant of the theory, one is forced to make a complete break with consensus history. A strong belief in simulation theory is not necessary, but it provides a healthy dose of sugar coating, though even standard issue histories include tantalizing artifacts such as the Tartaria Tablets ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T%C4%83rt%C4%83ria_tablets) . These may not bolster the usual versions of the Tartaria story, but lend credence to the idea that civilization in mainland europe or anywhere else did not start with the Achaean Greeks by way of Persia and Babylon.

Most of those who delve deepest and immerse themselves in the theory hold that history is a stochastic affair, punctuated with occasional ‘resets’, where some outside agency, or human folly causes catastrophe so massive that populations are drastically reduced through means of scalar energy weapons or divine power.

Immediately you say, ‘Oh come the fuck on. Where did all the people go? Who could do this?”

Very reasonable objections. Naturally, they have an answer. Or rather answers. For it’s difficult to really follow the thread on Tartaria because it’s not so easily grappled with as Atlantis. Atlantis posits a continent in the Atlantic or near it, which was swallowed up by the ocean. Tartaria could variously be a global high tech empire utilizing free energy, breathitarian diet and telepathic communication. Or it could be a secret cabal of sorcerers who held europe in thrall until Napoleon and Alexander III united to defeat them. Were they good? Were they evil? The Overman or the Protong of Szukalski? In the 1960s/70s, Atlantis was also posited to be space age civilization. To get thr flavor, read Shae and Wilson’s Illuminatus. That vibe lives on in Tartaria Studies.

One idea I’ve seen advanced is that some tesla style energy weapon literally vaporized the inhabitants of the great cities. Rains then turned them into mud. As the human body contains very little of solid physical material, this is a rather unsatisfactory answer.

Much of this material seems prima facie absurd. As though a ten year old enamored of Harry Potter films was put in charge of inventing explanations for architectural peculiarities in 18th and 19th century cities.

The anomolies that seem to have kicked this off were the seemingly pointless below knee level basement windows found in many buildings. Occasional doors are found,creating the appearance of a building that through some strange mechanism sank half a meter into the ground. Or had the first floor buried by a …mud flow.

Charles Hoy Fort would have had a blast with Tartaria. If you are willing to lend credence to eyewitness reports of iron nails being found in Permian strata or live frogs found sealed inside lumps of coal, then it’s not a tremendous leap to contemplate the notion of the ground somehow becoming soft enough over a century to allow a brick and stone building to settle into the ground in a way that was unplanned by the designers.

The general idea seems to be that sometime before the human race that we participate in appeared-or was created through some Star Trek level science, A race of super beings inhabited our world and created a global civilization in which tesla towers transmitted energy drawn from the aether through large domed buildings topped with metal spires. What you may see as a 9th century mosque in Isfahan was really an transducer of power to heat homes and water. In some variants, the free energy provides sustenance in a ‘breathatarian’ paradise where food is unecessary. Having to eat is for parasites chained to matter. How did they get around these uberfemmes and overmen? By zeppelins. The Eiffel tower was a Zeppelin port. Naturally.

Laugh- go on. Laugh. But faerie lore is replete with references to beings who do not age and require no material food such as Djinns and sylphs.

So this sounds hella cool, right? But what happened? If they were so damn awesome why did they just disappear like bloody wankers?

Mortal people, those inferior and stupid parasites revolted and in an epochal global war slowly destroyed Tartaria. That’s what the wars of the 18th and 19th century wee about. So really, if you can dig it, the arc of military conflict from the renaissance through WW1 was really one long war against Tartaria. A medal featuring both Alexander III and Napoleon is taken as evidence they were allies against Tartaria.

Youtube Researcher/busybody Jon Levi is contemptuous of the lesser hume-worms that inherited the glory of Tartaria and pretended that they had build it. It’s all a bit gnostic is it not? A creation of beauty taken over by its own slug-like anthropoid creations, who fabricate a story to make themselves feel better. As though they had created it:

When Yaldabaoth saw the creation which surrounded him and the multi­tude of the angels surrounding him who had came into being through him, he said to them, ‘I am a jealous God and no other god exists be­side me.’ The arrogant one had inherited his power from Sophia, but he was ignorant, thinking that none but his mother existed, so he exalted himself over the multitude of the angels who he had created. But his proclamation made it clear to them that another God did exist. For if there were no other God, of whom would he be jealous?

But come on! How about all the history books?

Fake. It’s all fake. Created by the evil ones to cover up their massive crime. But whose crime? The Evil Tartarian Overlords? Or the semi-moronic and base upstart lesser humans who now suppress the liberating knowledge of free energy and universal liberation?

Tartaria seems most popular and fully developed in Russia, where it has more than a vague whiff of national pride. Lost Empires are something Russians are gut level familiar with, having been ruled by Asiatic horse nomads for long enough to have made an impact on the land’s ethnic makeup.

It should be remembered that, though it does not loom large in ‘alt-history’ theories, Theosophical inquiries or mendacious racial supremacy assertions, most european peoples have traditions of originating somewhere in the vast primal east. The Celts of Ireland famously asserted that they migrated westward to Hibernia where a supernatural race dwelt. The Celts defeated them in war and forced them into an underground space from which, thousands of years later, they still emerge to get a somewhat good natured revenge, spoiling milk, seducing farm boys, ravishing maidens and otherwise stirring things up. Native American legends and Aztec/Mayan myth are replete with similar stories.

The contours of this subject are are varied as the personalities compiling the questions; Max Igan, Philip Druzhinin, Jon Levi. Gunnar Heinsohn’s ideas about faked medieval history fit neatly into the mix. It’s literally All Over The Map.

Who would do such a thing? What sick mind would perpetrate such a mad scheme? How about cannabalistic giants? https://hatch.kookscience.com/wiki/The_Beginning_Was_the_End_(1971_book)

One writer has come to the conclusion that the rise of human intelligence was due to eating brains. Yeah- remember that 80s zombie comedy? I suppose you could posit that some inner elite found they could somehow increase their own intelligence by eating brains ritualistically while making it a taboo for the hoi polloi. Even reference to eating ‘chilled monkey brains’ in a B grade adventure flick makes us recoil in horror.

But, I hear you ask isn’t it now received wisdom that eating human brains is how Hillary Clinton got kuru?! Which causes her periodic seizures and odd behavior.

The 19th Century was rife with flooding catastrophes throughout the west of America.

The Flood of 1851 occurred after record-setting rainfalls across the U.S. Midwest and Plains from May to August, 1851. Hardest hit was the State of Iowa, where the city of Des Moines was virtually destroyed, with significant flooding extending to the Lower Mississippi River basin. Historical evidence suggest flooding occurred in the eastern Plains, from Nebraska to the Red River basin, but these areas were sparsely settled in 1851. Heavy rainfall also occurred in the Ohio River basin. (wikipedia) – So the fact that this period was marked by period of intense seasonal rainfall and resultant disastrous flooding is not ‘suppressed or in any way ‘hidden’.

On the other hand, it’s possible for mud flows to occur on relatively level ground according to the non-controversial interpretations. Ground water can build up allowing a patch of seemingly stable terrain to ooze gently down whatever grade is available, with considerable force.

The ‘mudfloods’ envisioned by some of the Tartaria hypotheses are in places like St Petersburg, which was built on reclaimed marshland. As every Monty Python fan is aware, that’s not the best place for your castle. Built in 1703, it may well be that buildings settled into the ground in that city.

After the liquidation of Tartaria’s people by the ‘Grey Men’, the children (the children were somehow spared the Tesla ray’s devastation…how this worked, I have yet to see an explanation. Though one can imagine a Dark City sort of ‘reset’, which makes this “Dark City of Lost Children”. How far out can we go with this?

As to death rays, the scarring of the land revealed by LIDAR and similar technologies are often depicted as evidence of such weapon’s deployment.

Lichtenberg figures are examples of natural phenomena which exhibit fractal properties. They resemble the channels cut by rivers on their way to the sea. This is not just a case of paradoelia; Electric current does seek the path of least resistance. A Tesla electric death-ray striking an area on the earth’s surface could conceivably create channels for water. But anyone with a sand-table can demonstrate that this process does indeed happen naturally and most often gradually.

There is a huge control grid on this earth and when attempting to discover the truth about what it is, there have been a plethora of ready made rabbit holes provided to shift peoples focus and lead them down blind alleys that distract them from the real issues.” – Max Igan

A Mystical Power Source Reveal’d:

The renaissance innovation in military architecture, ‘star forts’ are held to be pumps of some sort. On the face of it, it’s simple to see their military utility. Mutually supported fire positions and construction that channels an attacking enemy into enfilade fire (that is- getting hammered from two sides.)

Tartaria advocates seized on these renaissance fortifications as being indicative of some power generation system. The appeal to enthusiasts for free energy is obvious but other than insinuations on Youtube and a few blog or reddit posts sprinkled across Conspiratania, there doesn’t seem to be even a patina of what might be snarkily labelled ‘pseudo-science’ to the power generation notion. I hesistate to call it a ‘theory’. There has been no systematic study of any of these ideas, let alone testing of science, alt or otherwise involved. Occasional allusions to aetheric energy lend it a patina of actual phsyics. Difficulties in resolving certain problems in physics have led to a revival of interest in something like an aether. Attendant upon this, naturally is a good deal of wet blanket waving from the ‘stop all this useless loopy theorizing and just get a life already’ crowd.

Really, at bottom, Tartaria is not so much a ‘theory’, conspiracy or otherwise as it is a compilation of architectural curiosities overlayed on historical incongruities and anomolies. Some of which avail themselves of explanations that are relatively prosaic even if they do not rumble easily through the standard History Channel reality tunnel. A reader of this material is really free to develop their own interpretation. Tartaria is most powerfully intrigueing as an imaginative exercise. It’s proponents are more interested in directing our attentions onto the anomolous as opposed to advancing a political or religious agenda. Most will say they are really just ‘pointing things out’. Write your own gospel. Live your own myth”.

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The War on White Supremacist Terror

I appreciate the sarcasm and bitter irony!

Consent Factory, Inc.

If you enjoyed the global corporatocracy’s original War on Islamicist Terror, you’re going to love their latest spinoff, The War on White Supremacist Terror. It’s basically just like the old War on Terror, except that this time the bad guys are all white supremacists, and Donald Trump is Osama bin Laden … unless Putin is Osama bin Laden. OK, I’m not quite sure who’s Osama bin Laden. Whatever. The point is, the Terrorists are coming!

Yes, that’s right, some racist psycho murdered a bunch of people in Texas, so it’s time to “take the gloves off” again, pass some new kind of Patriot Act, further curtail our civil liberties, and generally whip the public up into a mass hysteria over “white supremacist terrorism.”

The New York Times Editorial Board is already hard at work on that front. In a lengthy op-ed that ran last Sunday, We Have a White…

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NE 15th Avenue, 1985 — Vintage Portland

NE 15th Avenue looking northeast from NE Fremont Street, 1985. This is the same intersection in 1963, in a previous post. View this image in Efiles by clicking here.

via NE 15th Avenue, 1985 — Vintage Portland

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Tune in, Turn in, Something something..

It is not often one finds actual correspondence in Twitter’s confines. An app that seems to have been designed specifically by US intelligence-adjacent tech corporations to enable Iranian youth to organize flash-mob protests against a stodgy and sclerotic Iranian government was for some time a great venue for comedians and snark-mongers to farm laughs. That’s where I came into it.

Then came the election of 2016.

I have the benefit of having a friend who had a very close connection to the C-suite at Twitter. He routinely described the leadership or that company as a ‘slow-motion trainwreck. NO real direction but an endless supply of investment money. I don’t know where it comes from. Nobody with any sense would invest in Twitter.”

But like many thousands of other alienated inhabitants of nations from US/UK/EU to Russia and Japan to Nigeria that I follow, I found Twitter to be an outlet for my angry outbursts and a source of solace that other people were loudly challenging the ‘general line’, even if only in this little side-parlor of actual political discourse. Such opinions as mine and those of  the Skrauss, …….. Occasionally, the actually powerful will forcefully denounce your heresy, should it somehow rise to their attention. Which is rarely. A condescending reminder to ‘get your facts in order’ before popping off.’ may be delivered. But it won’t come from Donald Trump, Pierre Omidyar or James Brennan. It will come from some third string journalist who somehow got your rant into his/her feed and decided to defend the Empire’s machinations by taking you to task for having an educated opinion contrary to the official narrative. Some people buy into the fiction, not for pay so much as to bolster their sense of solidity in a universe that’s seemingly flying apart with unauthorized narratives.

In the same way that popular musical taste is no longer dictated by four or five entertainment conglomerates (the technical fix for that is being applied. Call it ‘cloud’ technology. Which will enforce a rentier model of capitalism in the arts by ruthless technological enforcement of IP law, which was passed nominally to ‘protect the artist’, but is structured to benefit exclusively the same claque of lawyers and middlemen who’ve always leeched artists dry. Often driving them to suicide.

A thought or three on Samuel Bendeck Sotillos interviewing Charles Upton, excerpted from Vectors of the Counter-Initiation: The Course and Destiny of Inverted Spirituality Sophia Perennis, 2012; All notes by Samuel Bendeck Sotillos

Having digested the interview and troubled to track down some of the more obscure references, (I”m familiar with who Rene Guenon was. But perennialism– not so much.) I was mostly struck by the recent trend among ‘intellectual dark web’ critiques of psychedelics. I suppose the term ‘intellectual dark web has no meaning at all unless it encompasses serious thinkers such as Jasun Horsely, Chris Knowles, Gordon White, Recluse/VISUP(http://visupview.blogspot.com/), Wordman (http://mcmmadnessnews.blogspot.com/), and others bringing an array of alternative interpretations of the current climate of intellectual ferment and controversy.

The controversy in alternative circles regarding the usefulness (or perfidious threat) of chemical compounds which engender mental explorations not sanctioned or actively condemned by ‘traditional’ religion has been inflamed by the combination of circumstances surrounding the legalization of cannabis in several jurisdictions as well as the revival of clinical study of compounds such as DMT, LSD, Ketamine, MDMA &c.

Charles Upton’s objections to this revival is linked specifically to religious precepts.

Upton contrasts ‘authentic spirituality’ with something what is derisively termed ‘new age spirituality’. He then proceeds to embark on explanations couched in specifically neo-platonic terms. “The Spiritual plane, on the other hand, is purely objective. It is not composed of our impressions, but of things we have impressions of—of noumena

I’m not an expert on Plato’s philosophy, but I’m educated enough to know whence this sentiment derives. Upton holds that our experience of the physical plane is entirely subjective. Just read Plato’s cave and the Myth of Er. It’s all there. It’s also the intellectual matrix within which Christianity and Islam were invented to bind the subjects of two empires together. Mohammed grokked the formula. So did Edward Bernays. So did Carl Jung. Knowing how to manipulate masses of people (even very intelligent people) emotionaly is an old science, but in the age of industry and science, it became a science. The dream of Tiberius ‘if only all Rome had but one neck’, has become reality. The autonomy of the individual conciousness has come under rellentless attack, not by demagoguery, but by techical means. And this includes bio-chemistry.

The story of LSD is illustrative of how a molecule can be such a powerful touchstone for both soaring hopes and parylizing terror.

Born of efforts to create an aid for women in labor, LSD (no, not WW2 German mad science-in fact, despite some effort, I was unable to discover a single instance of German SD or Army intelligence operatives making us of LSD for anything at all.) was quickly discovered to have the property of promoting extreme introspection and self examination. It also left an individual open to suggestions and whimsical or absurd ideation. In some instances at sufficient dosage, it can produce actual audio or visual hallucination. (or what is thought to be hallucination).

LSD quite rapidly became a rallying point for a bewildering spectrum of ontological positions. It was a tool of Satan, it was Promethean Fire. (And really those are the same thing, if you are paying attention to how neoplatonic Christian myth cohered). Those who advocated its use did so either irresponsibly and merrily (Leary) or with sober words of caution about its potential as a tool of control (Huxley).

Current IDW critiques of people like Huxley focus on their deep connections to ruling class circles, which they share with dingbats like Tim Leary. The figure of Terence McKenna is more difficult to demonize. McKenna, very much working class, explicitly warned his listeners and readers against the ‘wooly headed’ New Age. And against turning him into a guru. Like Robert Anton Wilson, another apostle of ‘think for yourself,’ this does not keep detractors from pronouncing McKenna a ‘spook’.

So what’s the underlying fear? Upton’s critique is important, because unlike a PoMo trainwreck like Miles Mathis, Upton relies for his warnings of deep understanding of the western mytho-religious-philosophical traditions as opposed to a reflexive desire to explain everything vaguely interesting as a prouct of British or US intelligence. For Upton, use of psychedelic compounds is a kind of attempt to sit on the throne of ‘God’.

“To experience God is to be called to immediately transcend that necessarily limited experience of Him, and come into naked existential contact with Him as He is in Himself, beyond all experience; as the Sufis put it, “the human being does not know God in His Absolute Essence; it is God who knows Himself within the human form.”

That is stated in explicitly religious language. It’s also supremely subjetive. First of all even according to Abrahamic myth, many mortal men have ‘experienced’ God, directly. It’s a fairly long list, right down to all Jesus’ apostles and Mohammed. And maybe Joseph Smith.

So, taking these traditions as face-value, mortal man may look into the eyes of the Supreme Being and not dissolve into a pile of goo. It’s not often claimed that psychedelics specifically put one on the plane of the divine. Far more often, claims are far less lofty and more germain to our mundane existence. An enhanced connection to nature or ‘agape’ is far more often the purpose. That or the perturbation of mental states in order to study their objective nature.

Upton says, “It is highly interesting that psychedelic drugs burst upon the scene at precisely the same moment that the Second Vatican Council was abolishing traditional Roman Catholicism and deconstructing the sacramental order….Psychedelics, in other words, were a kind of Luciferian “booby prize” offered as compensation for the fall of western Christendom.”

It’s more highly interesting that psychedelic drugs were made possible or even invevitable by the mechanistic ontological structure advanced by Cartesian science. Which has supplanted Christianity. It is now being supplanted in its turn by libertarian neoliberal capitalism that rigorous atheistic scientism engendered in the mid-nineteenth century now that we’ve arrived in the post-industrial/post-modern space.

Do ‘traditionalists’ propose putting the Jinn back into the lamp? ‘It’s one thing to call foul on New Age posturing and warn against an archaic revival assembled by self interested bullshit artists, swamis, gurus and science fiction writers. It’s quite another to advocate for the restoration of the kind of thought conformity the Roman Church enforced with a variety of tortures mental and bodily that the ‘enlightenment’ was advanced in reaction to.

Upton seems to be advancing the intellectual position that Frank Herbert predicted in the novel Dune (1965); a synthesis of Sufist Islamic, Catholic and Protestant though into a new religion to encompass all humanity. Why, it’s almost the sort of thing an intelligence agency or cryptic conspiracy might concoct. That’s precisely the thesis of Joe Atwill. That Christianity, regardless of the authenticity of the person of Jesus himself, is a creation of a specific noble house in Imperial Rome- to weld the Empire together through propagation of a one-world One True Religion composed of currents of spiritual ferment of late antiquity which has been brough together through the short lived Empire of Alexander and his less martially capable successors.Theories abound as to the influence of a number of religious systems on the development of Christianity as a system. Or the influence of psychedelics specifically. (look up John Allegro).

If you want to propose an adherence to orthodox islam or christianity, then you need to do better than agree with Mircea Eliade that psychoactive compoounds are the sign of a tradition in decline. McKenna, demon of the traditionalists proposes Eliade had it entirely backward: the use of plant compounds to reach some level of communication with other minds is the sign of a healthy and robust tradition and that the descent into ordeal and self-denial of various kinds is the sign of decadence and terminal decline.

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I guess this is the part where I plunge in and make or break.

Go big or go home, they say. For two centuries, being able to shoot you mouth off about terrible conditions for oneself or others has been the steam valve that prevents an excess of public rage that might threaten ‘stability’. Or the Republic generally. So I may as well shoot my mouth off, too.

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Libertarian Ideologues Admit Socialism is Natural

Why we keep hearing that the ‘government’ is ‘socialism’= slavery.

the ruling class observer

Libertarian radio show host Tom Woods posed a question (32:24), why does socialism have such enduring appeal, despite its supposed failures? His guest, economist Dr. Kristian Niemietz responded,

Niemietz: Well there’s a lot to be said for the theory that socialism is hardwired into us. That our economic intuitions are all fairly socialist. We often extrapolate from the kind of economy that our ancestors — our hunter gather ancestors — were living in, where economic activity is collective activity. You have the group deliberately, consciously collaborating, doing something together, and then sharing the spoils and that is a political act. And the kind of modern economy that we have today, a much more complex economy, guided by anonymous mechanisms is just counter intuitive. There is something in us that militates against that. That would also be the reason why almost no free marketeers, at least I don’t…

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